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How do you know who is a professional photographer?

Who’s A Pro?

The Photographer, The Fauxtographer, And Someone With A Camera

So a photographer, a fauxtographer, and a guy with a camera walk in to a room.

The guy with the camera is bothering everyone and asking to take their picture. None of them know but they will never see his take on their likeness.

While the guy with the camera is working the room and passing out the business cards he printed out at home last night, the fauxtographer can be spotted talking off the ear of any willing soul about his equipment. Not that there is anything wrong with wanting cool new toys. The fauxtographer is leading people to believe that his images are incredible and hoping to impress folks with his knowledge of the latest gadgets and how much he is spending on equipment.

I’ve got to imagine that the crowd is now wearing pretty thin.

Where is the professional photographer though? Among the crowd.

Much like the other entrepreneurs and career professionals in the room, the professional photographer doesn’t feel the need to force people in front of the lens or steal their joy with shop talk in the hopes to gain respect.

The professional photographer is a business person. And being in the service-art business, the professional knows that they must invest time and resources in equipment and education but, more importantly, they must understand the needs of their clients and put the clients’ needs first.

The unfortunate truth is the photography business has no barriers for entry. Unlike most service businesses (cosmetology, accounting, medical, culinary), there is no certification or testing that you must pass to be a professional. One simply declares himself a professional at their whim. Staying in the photography business however will require more than a declaration.

A professional photographer can certainly be judged against The 5 P’s, but without knowing the individual or their photography they should still have a great personality.

You’ll know a professional photographer when you see them!

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