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How Much!?!?

Weddings are Expensive, Let Me Help You With That

One of the most common reasons couples will chose not to immediately book a vendor they like is because of the cost. And… I can tell you from 7 years of marriage, it won’t be your last discussion about how much money you have to put out for something you want.

Not only is it the overall cost, but trying to manage all of the deposits and payments can sometimes get pretty burdensome. Because I remember well going through the process of planning and paying for my own wedding, I’ve tried to make it as simple and convenient as possible to book me as your wedding photographer.

Photography by Rashad Pleasant: | 856.975.0642

If my memory serves me, my deposit for my venue alone was a few thousand dollars! Then came all of the other vendors… $350 here, $500 there, and then the payment plans that followed. And for some reason, everyone wanted to get paid around the same time…

It was incredibly discouraging…

Because I understand that so well, and the memory of it is still so fresh, I vowed to not do that to anyone who found enough value in a photography experience with me. My retainer and payment plan are as convenient as I can imagine; and if I can imagine it any better I will make it a reality.

Unlike a lot of photographers that require a 50% deposit, the retainer to book Rashad Pleasant Photography (me) is only $500.

And to top it all off, I allow you to design a payment plan that works best for you so the stress is, at least a little, lighter on your financial plan.

Wait… it gets better…

The Madison Wedding Photography by Rashad Pleasant | | 856.975.0642

When I say you design your own convenient payment plan I’m saying you can pay any amount at any time as long as the balance is paid in full before your wedding day… like a day before…

I wish any one of my vendors made it that easy for me when I was going through the planning and payments stage. And because it is something I wish I had, I want to make it a reality for anyone who decides to honor me as their photographer.

Yup… you can contact me here :)

If you find a better deal, please let me know!

Talk to you soon,


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