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three quick tips for photographing your christmas tree this year.

Oh Christmas Tree

3 quick tips for photographing your christmas tree

I know not everyone will have a tree up during the holiday but if you do here are a few quick tips on making your photos pop.

Number 1

(you should have heard a little drumroll in your head if you read that right…)

  • Consider taking a photo of your tree during the day…
    Taking your photo during the day creates a brighter and more joyous mood for the image itself. And you may not think it but your lights will still be visible.

Number  2

  • Turn on all the lights in the room!
    Don’t just turn on the lights on the tree but get the lamp in the room going and whatever other room lights there are. It makes the photo a little more inviting.

Number… 3

  • Get close… closer… closer still…
    After you’ve taken the photo that shows how majestic your tree is, take some really nice detail shots of the ornaments and things that make your tree unique to you. Detail shots help tell the story.

I would love to see your photos and even more so if these quick tips help a little. When you post your photos add the hashtag #rashadstips so I can find them. I’m seriously going to look :).

I hope you’re having a great week!


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