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What should I ask?

17 questions to ask a wedding photographer

I think most of the awesome people that call me about wedding photography are stuck in the same place; they don’t know what to ask!

There are tons of guides around that have been made by people related to the photography or wedding business but most of those folks aren’t actually in the business. And… they are giving their readers a lot of information that leads them to asking questions and getting answers they don’t understand.

I want to help with that.

I’ve compiled a checklist of 17 questions that are actually helpful for you to ask.

I want you to avoid asking meaningless questions like whether I shoot black and white or color or if I shoot RAW because every professional should be presenting images as they look best and RAW images won’t help you at all…

These are questions that will get your potential wedding photographer (hopefully me #shameless) talking about things that you should know before signing a contract. And… having good answers to these questions will help put you at ease.

If you’re not interested in being put at ease you can check out some of these photos that I think will excite you :)

If you want to have the right questions ready… click here.

I will only send you quality information and never a single sales pitch (because I hate them just as much as you).

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